50 Upper Body Statement Fashions

 - Jan 9, 2009
There was a time when humans did not need any more than their hair to protect their bodies, but the process of evolution decided humans didn’t need thick hair any more. Bummer? No way, we love our shirts!

Often times shirts make a statement; they define who we are, what we like and what we believe. Political shirts, alien shirts, offensive shirts, movie-inspired shirts, and religious shirts (sometimes with an entire scripture on back) are a few ways we express our beliefs, likes or dislikes with our apparel. 

Over the past year, we’ve seen some cool innovative shirts as well, like eco-friendly t-shirts, eco-friendly hoodies, backless hoodies, thong hoodies, a drum kit shirt, padded t-shirts, and even a naughty t-shirt with boobs printed on the front.

As you’ll see below, if you’re looking to set yourself apart from the crowd when it comes to cool or nerdy tee shirts, functional shirts and unique hoodies, you should have no problem finding one within this Trend Hunter shirt cluster.