Bulletproof Fashion -– Protective Polo Shirts At Harrod's

 - Aug 16, 2008
References: miguelcaballero & news.sky
So you think your neighborhood is bad? Colombian designer, Miguel Caballero, has signed an agreement with Harrod's in London to sell his unique bulletproof fashion. His clients can choose from several levels of ballistic protection.

For example, a polo shirt that can protect the wearer from a 9-mm revolver is in the $7,500 price range; for $2,000 more, you can purchase another version that will protect you from automatic weapons, such as a mini Uzi.

His current collection is much more fashionable than ordinary oversized paramilitary gear, it includes blazers, raincoats, and suede jackets, some replete with a comfortable stab-proof lining. The garments are dry-clean only.

Caballero’s designs are represented in about 16 different countries and he claims that he does not do business "exclusively in dangerous places," but also admits that "they don't need us in Switzerland."

I think I’ll go to Caballero’s and buy Grandma Russo a nice blazer to match her combat boots, so she can shop safely in “Little Italy.