Viidrio's Canned T-Shirts

 - Nov 17, 2008
References: viidrio & davidreport
While clothing in a can is nothing new, the folks at Viidrio are taking the concept very seriously.  In case you were not aware of the profound environmental effects of traditional screen-printed tees, Viidrio is endeavoring to do their part to reduce these effects. The paints used in factory processes are extremely toxic, both to the environment and the people working on them.

Viidrio’s mantra states they believe in no Paint, no toxic additives, 100% organic cotton, vegan friendly and eco friendly.

Not much new in that you say, but the packaging of the product takes the environmental concept to the zenith of waste reduction.

"The paper used for the band is 100% recycled paper from grocery bags (therefore making a 3rd cycle of use). After removing the band (if the consumer wishes) the tin can be reused to store any small non-perishable item. Example: jewelry, loose change, keys, paper clips, etc," the site explains.

Take the can to your recycling center if you don’t wish to reuse it. Finally, a genius move, if you return 5 undamaged containers to Viidrio, you can receive a free t-shirt of your choice.

We received a tip that informed us that this particular package will be featured in the annual Global Design Report and has been recognized as one of the best packaging designs of 2008.