From Designer Diet Coke to Eco Fun Packaging

 - Sep 28, 2008
Product packaging is one of the most influential tools companies use to persuade you to buy. It's like that instant you lay your eyes on the Diet Coke bottle wrapped in a Roberto Cavalli animal print--you must have it.

Beyond the package dressings there are creative methods of presenting the products themselves. We've seen undies in candy boxes, wine in paint cans, tofu in balloons, butter in a stick and tequila in a gun.

With current concerns of over-packaging and the movement to 'precycling,' or buying products that will generate less waste, the norm has shifted towards biodegradable packaging and that made from recycled materials.

Take this one step further and we have products that are their own packaging--check out the 'Paper Pulp Lamp.' Drink bottles that serve a second life as a building block toy is also a great way to avoid landfill waste.