Hijos De Villa Tequila Shooter

 - Apr 29, 2008
References: americancart & cooladdict
The Hijos de Villa Tequila gun redefines the term "shooter." The toy is shaped like a 45, but instead of containing bullets, its loaded with 200 ml of genuine Mexican tequila.

My family in the Southwest live literally right next to the Mexican border. Every time I visit, I think of what small gifts I can bring back for friends. Usually when I ask what people want, the majority are quick to ask for none other than Tequila, so when I saw this, I realized it would be a great gift for friends for any occasion (unless, of course, its their completion of an Alcoholics Anonymous program). I would write what type of tequila it is and how it tastes, but I figured it's not worth the effort considering your tequila face will be the same regardless of the brand.

Just don't get too drunk and walk the streets pointing the gun at people, particularly undercover cops. Otherwise you will be known as the Tequila Shooter who shares the cell with Bubba.