Klean Kanteen Co-Branded Bottles

 - Jun 3, 2008
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Personal aluminum bottles are quickly gaining popularity, for health and ethical reasons. Klean Kanteen offers not only stylish plastic bottle alternatives, but the ability to customize them for marketing purposes.

Skimping on water isn't an option as proper hydration is critical to our functioning, but disposable plastic bottles are harmful to the environment, and more durable, reusable plastic bottles have been found to leak dangerous chemicals into the water they hold.

Now that word is out on these dangers, both to the environment and our own health, the search is out for eco-friendly alternatives to tote our water, and Klean Kanteen fits the bill for more reasons than one.

Durable plastic bottles like those offered by Nalgene used to be a very popular form of marketing for companies who printed their advertisements on them, but after their dangers were revealed, people stopped using them. Klean Kanteen is offering the next generation of adverbottles with their custom co-branding service.

Klean Kanteen prints messages or logos on the bottles, and for those who don't have artwork, they offer to create images for them.