Entree d'Air

 - Apr 18, 2008
References: yankodesign
Entree d'Air by Theo Aldridge has joined the bandwagon of bottled products. According to the producers of the bottled air, each bottle contains the purest air from only the most exotic locations on earth. The label on the bottle gives detailed information of the geographical location from where the air was bottled. Some of the flavours include the smooth purity from the top of Mount Fuji and the rich zestfulness of the South American Amazon Rainforest.

When opened, a inner rod in the bottle begins to glow, adding to the ambiance, gradually fading as the bottle gets empty. Upto two people can enjoy a snort of the blissfully pure air with individual regulators for each person. A bottle of this bliss will last from anywhere between 10 to 15 mins. Cheers !!!

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