From Radioactive Laundry Holders to Luxury Laundry Detergents

 - Jun 27, 2012
These wacky and often unexpectedly wild ways to clean clothes make the tedious task of laundry far more enjoyable.

Often moving toward a more eco-conscious approach to a fresh wardrobe, innovations in laundry are amazingly creative and useful. Though perhaps not the most inherently interesting task, changes made to the way people clean clothing tend to be welcomed, provided that they make the task more enjoyable in some way. Clothing pins, detergents and washing appliances themselves have all received some fairly futuristic makeovers, leading to some fairly Jetson-esque results.

Because this is an activity that people are bound to continue partaking in for an indefinite amount of time, buyers can continue to expect to see cutting-edge changes made to the way clothes get clean.