Xeros Uses Only 1 Cup of Water/Load

 - Jun 10, 2008
References: xerosltd & uk.reuters
Xeros, a UK company has invented a washing machine that could wash your clothes with as little as one cup of water. That's incredible considering that would be a 98% reduction in water and energy most people use for laundry now.

"The average household uses almost 21 litres of water daily on clothes washing, 13 percent of daily household water consumption, according to Waterwise, a non-government organisation focused on decreasing water wastage," Reuters says.

While a lot of people are reusing their washing machine water, which accounts for an approximated 42% of household grey water (not toilet water), reducing it to one cup per load would make an incredible difference.

In the sweltering summer, a lot more emphasis is put on conserving water, but it's not just hotter months we need to be monitor our water consumption. Monitoring it all year, through innovations like this one by Xeros, will ensure a more comfortable future for everyone.