Whirlpool Laundry Wall

 - Nov 29, 2006
References: t3
Are you tired of separating your laundry whites from your colour clothes? Does it take to much chore and time for you? Not a problem anymore! Whirlpool's creative design offers a visually interesting solution to that old-age problem of how you can easily manage your laundry without getting tired â€" and it does all in one neat zonal space. According to T3 Home magazine, "the Laundry Wall works on two levels â€" management and storage. The management side of things is particularly clever. Above the washing machine are three individual bins marked 'whites', 'colours' and 'darks'. Placing your dirty laundry in the correct bin at the outset means there's no need to sift through a single laundry container at a later date in order to separate things." It does not stop there. After the washing machine has done its job, clean laundry can be retrieve from a dryer basket and ready to be stored in the Laundry's wall three storage zone.