The Rob Zombie Woolite Ad Stretches Clothes to the Limit

For anyone looking for a personification of what happens to clothes each and every time they are put through the wash, the Rob Zombie Woolite ad explains it all.

Rob Zombie is known for his slightly disturbing music videos and directorial techniques, with medieval methods a common element in many of his films. Here, these methods are used to promote a no-damage inducing laundry detergent that keeps clothes fresh. The video is clever and discomforting at the same time, typical of a Zombie flick. Either way, this Rob Zombie Woolite ad does a great job at promoting detergent with a tortuous twist.

Implications - Many contemporary laundry detergent ads use smiling families and upbeat tones to promote the product. Here, the director inverts this dominant pattern and creates a commercial that is dark and mysterious. Going against the presiding motifs is a great way for a business to stand out and gain attention from consumers.