Eco-Friendly Solution for Laundry and Cleaning Comes from Nuts

 - Dec 22, 2008
References: simplefamilyliving
Maggie’s Soap Nuts are organic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and contain a natural fabric softener. They come from the Chinese Soapberry tree and are an effective, environmentally friendly alternative to chemical soaps. The nuts are packed with a small cloth bag. Nuts go in the bag. The bag goes in the washing machine. The resulting clean clothes will be free of skin irritants like laureth sulphate and sodium commonly found in commercial detergents.

Cultures around the world have used the olive-like nuts for personal hygiene, laundry and cleansers. See them suds up in the video above. Using natural laundry products, like these nuts, is just one way to help the planet’s well-being--and your own!