Environmentally Friendly Laundry

 - Aug 19, 2007
References: wash2o.fr & blog.scifi
I would be a happy home maker if I never had to do laundry. I'm so pathetic with laundry I once got a pair of my g-strings clogged in the pipes and had to call a repair man to fish them out amongst all the water and mountains of suds in my condo. So the thought of a washing machine that eliminates the need for pesky detergent not only makes my life easier but it's also great for saving the planet too!
Now the detergent free washing machine isn't a new concept but apparently this one from the company Haier has got the best out there. The WasH20 cuts out the detergent and washes with a common chemical substance called dihydrogen monoxide. It breaks down the substance into OH- and H+ ions; OH- acts as the cleaning agent by attracting and retaining stains while the H+ ions sterilizes the clothes. Around 200,000 of the detergent-free washing machines have been sold since their launch in China last year, and it's currently available in France for less than a thousand... my guess it will hit North America soon!?

Oh well at least I've learned how to wash my delicates in the sink!