From Hi-Tech Watch Accessories to Infant Health-Monitoring Wristbands

 - Jun 10, 2014
As wearable devices get bigger, technology gets smaller. Miniature forms of wearable technology that can be worn is becoming increasingly the norm and is worth paying attention to, especially in the industries of fitness and healthcare.

When it comes to wearable devices, fitness trackers are definitely the most saturated kind of gadget. Regardless of the sport you play, health issue you are working to overcome or general health levels you are trying to track, there seems to be a wristband for for that. This includes fitness-tracking smartwatches, anxiety-monitoring bracelets and wearable tennis game trackers.

Besides bracelets, wearables can take a variety of forms such as tattoos, ear inserts, footwear, glasses and clip-ons. Beyond fitness and health, wearable devices can also extend to improve payment systems, reading recipes or taking pictures.