This Ring Analyzes Words on the Page and Reads Them for the User

 - Feb 19, 2014
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The wearable tech revolution is in full swing and this ring is the latest in wearable innovations. This ring will scan the words on the page in front of it and read them aloud for the wearer.

For those with sight impairment, being able to read is a significant goal. The Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT's Media Lab has come up with a way to help solve this problem by creating the FingerReader.

The FingerReder is a ring that scans a line of text in front of the reader's finger. The scanned line is then read out loud. When the line is done the ring vibrates to help the user move their finger to the next line. The device itself is a bit chunky, but if it provides those with sight impairment with a leg up in terms of reading, it's worth it.