The Empatica E3 Wristband Analyzes Daily Stress and Depression

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: empatica & psfk
Levels of anxiety and depression appear to be rising in certain areas and the Empatica E3 Wristband hopes to help alleviate such detrimental emotional states. Similar to wearable fitness tracking devices, it looks like a basic watch. Yet instead of telling the time, the Empatica E3 Wristband analyzes various indicators of stress. It also figures out what activities are in the best interests of the wearer's health.

The Empatica E3 Wristband is meant to be used in the workplace and monitored by supervisors. In this way, management will be able to identify stressors plaguing their employees and help by addressing them in various ways. Whether that means changing their client list or desk area, the solutions are made more transparent thanks to the Empatica E3 Wristband.