Neurocam is a Hands Free Camera that Uses Brain Activity

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: neurowear & fastcodesign
In addition to the ever growing trend of wearable technology, Japanese product designers at Neurowear have created a completely hands-free camera prototype called the Neurocam.

The wearable camera system is put on like a headset and is able to scan the user's brain activity and emotions. An iPhone is attached onto the device to complete the formula to analyze the brain activity to pick up on 'interest' signals. When the interest signal is at a substantial level, the iPhone triggers the Neurocam in recording a five second short video clip.

The iPhone acts as an infographic for your brain, analyzing your emotions and broadcasting your interest with a quick snapshot. Although the product may seem strangely fake, a representative at Neurowear says, "[w]e're using the iPhone so that both the analysis and video recording can be done on a single device. This is still a concept model so there is a possibility to turn this into a wearable camera."