The Electrolux Airpin Continuously Filters the Gases That Surround You

 - Nov 9, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
Anytime you step outside of your home, you cannot prevent the inevitable inhaling of harmful chemicals. The Electrolux Airpin has been designed to deal with this everyday health hazard by picking up on pollutants and purifying the air around you.

Smaller than the size of your palm, the Electrolux Airpin is compact and capable. It comprises a customizable capsule for a shell that the user can design himself. Beneath this is a cutting-edge cartridge that contains UV LEDs, titanium dioxide, a sensor and a battery. The various parts work together to analyze the atmosphere around you, performing as a hi-tech and wearable air filtration system. Austeja Stikleryte's invention has a backing of 3D-printed microscopic hooks that can velcro onto the fabric of any garment.