The XBand Speed Pro Tracks Athlete Speed, Agility & Other Data

 - Apr 7, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
XBand Speed Pro is a new gadget that can help athletes track their speed, agility and other athletic metrics through a wearable device. The Speed Pro aims to provide critical qualitative information that can help athletes take their game to the next level.

Runners can use the XBand Speed Pro to note elapsed time from start to finish. Runners can also see a wide range of agility-related data such as their top speed, the time it took them to hit top speed, how long top speed was maintained, the amount of time it took for them to react to their start signal and several other pieces of key information impossible to deduce without a high-tech device.

The XBand Speed Pro will be offered as an individual unit as well as a group-friendly pack with additional functionality of use to teams of athletes.