Google Unveiled Its New E-Tattoo That Stores Data and Delivers Drugs

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: 2045 & motherboard.vice
Google and Motorola recently teamed up to unveil their eccentric electronic tattoos that can store data and deliver drugs.

Thanks to researchers at Korea’s Center for Nanoparticle Research, e-tattoos can store and transmit data. Nature Nanotechnology called it "electronic skin" which can be used to create "bio-integrated systems with optimized performance of data storage, diagnostics, and drug delivery functionality in stretchable formats," -- an ingenious development in the tattooing and data-storing world, to say the least.

Donghee Son, lead researcher, aimed to make the e-tattoos more comfortably wearable, and designed a wearable skin patch that could automatically deliver drugs to patients when necessary. The luxury of the e-tattoos is that they aren't permanent and are still embedded in your skin and performing the accompanying features for which they are designed.

Google and Motorola could very well have initiated the dawn of a new industry.