These MoH Bands Turn Electronic Devices into Accessories

 - Apr 22, 2014
References: getonhand
The clever idea behind the design of this MoH Band was to transform an item that people commonly carry into a wearable object. Thumbdrives contribute bulk to keychains or get transported loosely, with the latter making them susceptible to misplacement. This OnHand product becomes a handy bracelet that serves to embellish you body and equip you electronically.

The flexible material covers the metal components with protective padding that thins out and continues around to form a cap for it as well. Put the two together to make a continuous loop that can comfortably wrap around a wrist. The collection of USB Flash Drive Wristband offers a broad range of bright and neutral colors to suit different tastes and styles. The MoH Bands even come in marbled patterns like camouflage.