The Haloband Commands Devices with Simple Wrist Movements

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: kickstarter & dvice
The age of wearable technology is upon the world and one of the more exciting devices is the Haloband. The Haloband is a bracelet that is meant to be used to control the wearer's smartphone. It does so through a series of taps and wrist movements. Taking convenience to another level, with the Haloband, people won't have to dig in pockets and bags whenever they need their phone.

Created by a team based in Shanghai, China, the Haloband works with a companion app that must be downloaded onto the smartphone. Once that is in place, the Haloband can be tapped to take a photo, send current location or even call the first person in a contacts list. The Haloband also unlocks phones by tapping it on the screen.