From 5 Second Commercials to Gaming Channel Expansions

 - Jul 29, 2015
Online video branding on YouTube and other similar services has become a fantastic way for brands of all kinds to make a name for themselves and get their message out there. When we talk 'branding' in this context, it's not just the big multinational brands but also individuals like YouTubers looking to expand their personal online brand.

A lot of conventional brands have begun to create commercials targeted towards YouTube in order to take advantage of the shareable nature of YouTube videos. Many of these brands have also taken advantage of YouTube to try to reach out to new demographics, a good example of this being shaving supplies company Schick making a greater effort to reach out to women. Others have used online video services to enhance interaction with followers. A great example of this is Adidas, whose "There Will Be Haters" ad received lots of comments on YouTube -- comments that often received direct responses from the Adidas YouTube account.

The brands using online video branding techniques aren't just the big-name products either, with some including charitable and public service-focused organizations like Public Safety Canada, which used the platform to push through a message about online bullying.

The success of such a wide array of brands in the online video space goes to show that YouTube and its kind represent the future of video advertising and branding.