Top 100 Trends of All-Time

 - Jun 15, 2010
Today, Trend Hunter reached 200,000,000 all-time views. To celebrate this, we've decided to publish an article with our Top 100 articles of all time... One caveat is that we did leave our naughty filter on, so you won't see our #1 article of all time, which is, of course, about Sarah Palin...

Some fun Trend Hunter facts to celebrate the day:
#1 Largest Trend Spotting Network
#1 Most Popular Trend Site
#1 Most Updated Trend Site
200,000,000+ all-time views
15,500,000 monthly views
40,000+ online references
74,561 posted trends
97.6 trends / day
34,812 Trend Hunters
22,618 Twitter Followers
45,000+ Newsletter Subscribers
15,000+ Facebook Fans
20,000+ RSS Subscribers
45 Financial Times citations
Read in 190 countries

Thanks to all of the Trend Hunters who have made this happen!