Blogosphere Becomes Obsessed With Sarah Palin Photos

By: Jeremy Gutsche - Aug 30, 2008
References: trendhunter
Sarah Palin Photos? YES!  There have already been articles about the Sarah Palin bio and the idea she’d be the first female vice president… People are obsessing about the fact that she might be the first VP and that she’s HOT.

Many are suggesting that the selection of Palin by McCain is either brilliant or devious.  It’s probably both.  The point is that he’s a white-haired white dude challenging an ethnic pop culture icon.  To offset his stodgy image, he needs something radical.  What about a good looking, dynamic female?  What about Sarah Palin?

The recommendation seems obviously brilliant… But the more interesting note is that search engines are currently reporting more searches for Sarah Palin’s photos than they are reporting searches for Sarah Palin’s bio…

Yes, Sarah Palin photos aren’t Paris Hilton hot, but the Paris Hilton bio is not the same as the Sarah Palin bio. 

While acting as Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, she acquired the most popular approval rating in America - in the 90s.  She also earned a reputation of being a renegade governor who didn’t always tote the party line.  So Sarah has an opinion and she is not afraid to vote with it.

And if the Sarah Palin bio isn’t enough for you, maybe you’ll simply like that her photos covered Vogue.