The 'I Love You' Project

 - Nov 16, 2008   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: urlesque & lickystickypicky.tumblr
Feeling in need of some love and kindness? Write "I Love You" on a piece of paper and make as many rip and tear bits at the bottom as you can fit onto the page. Then write "I Love You Too" on each tab. Next, hang your paper in a public place.

Then hide and watch your guerrilla act of spreading sunshine in action. What a wonderful thought to share with a stranger: You are loved.

Implications - It's certainly an easy to accomplish form of citizen art performance. In a day and age where many people are afraid to talk to strangers and view crowded spaces with suspicion, this is a grassroots way to help bring people back into a more friendly, airy land.