From Cute Custom Completion Stamps to Snail Mail Accessories

 - Jul 15, 2012
Postage-inspired looks range from fashion to actual postage that has taken on an entirely new style. Inspired by movies, television and fashion, postage of today has a new design to compete with new times. Since email is free and thus less expensive, snail mail has had to resort to a makeover to stay relevant.

Some of the creative and innovative ways that postage companies have done so is to vitalize the nostalgic aspect of snail mail. Using the vintage postage look to garner feelings of nostalgia and wishful romanticization, snail mail has taken on a new life. Postage may not be as in high demand as it once was, but it has never looked better. With designs inspired by Alexander McQueen to the Simpsons, there is some awesome postage for all.