High-Heeled Shoes With GPS For Prostitutes

The workers of the oldest profession in history will be able to wear high-heeled shoes equipped with Global Positioning System, emergency alarm and liquid-crystal display.

Women who offer sex for money in brothels, cabarets or just in the streets have been exposed to a great quantity of dangerous situations that have put their own lives in danger since medieval times.

The main objective of the Aphrodite Project is to protect them and it promotes the use of equipped high-heeled shoes for dangerous situations. With the slogan “Helping sex workers protect themselves”, the people of Aphrodite Project show in their web site the footwear with noise alarms to frighten away attackers and secret compartments to keep money, keys and condoms. These high-heeled shoes also have a GPS, a global positioning system for the girls, or rather, for their high-heeled shoes to be located in case they don't come back home.

The buttons that activate the different functions are located on the heel. If a button is pressed, an emergency signal is sent to the other girls of the group or to the police station.

All the girls wearing these high-heeled shoes can be part of a virtual community from where they can advertise the characteristics of their services (including telephone number and e-mail address). They can advertise in a blog where unbearable and dangerous customers are threw out of a window and they can also be part of a chat room where they can exchange the experiences of the profession. The liquid-crystal display is located on the other side of the heel and it is used to attend the customers, receive e-mails and even download music and video files to kill time when they are not working or just as an extra service of their job.

There is a promotional video of this gadgets in GPS Sexy Shoes official website