From Virgin Auctions to Boomer Brothels

 - Jan 13, 2009
Women offer it, men buy it, cops try to stop it, public health departments warn about it, and Hollywood glorifies it in movies like Pretty Woman. Prostitution is one of the world’s oldest trades.

Historically, women were not allowed to be employed or to enjoy sex. It was a woman’s duty to marry, produce children, and keep a tidy home, no giggling under the bed covers. If a woman was widowed or never married, her ability to make a living was severely limited. If a woman enjoyed sex, she was considered ‘unclean,’ and her husband could divorce her. Prostitution provided a practical solution.

While modern society in general does not exactly approve of the profession, it does notice it, and more than a few otherwise ‘respectable’ women have turned to it to supplement their primary income. College co-eds auction off their virgin portal to pay for school or a car or even a condo. Boomer babes populate brothels offering tried and true technique to the trade.

I find it rather bizarre that men are willing to pay to play given the easy access to sex in nearly all strata of society. 

No matter what your opinion is about prostitution, it would be impossible to ignore its contribution to our ideas about sex, money, and power. I’ve gathered up a little orgy of trends inspired by or related to the world’s oldest profession and posted them here for your pleasure and satisfaction.