STD Styles Take Recycling Too Far

 - Nov 29, 2007
References: inventorspot
Here it is, your YUCK moment of the day! In China, they are making hair bands out of colorful, recycled condoms. Would you pay 3 cents for a 10 pack of STD-infested hair bands?

"Even though the condoms are fully recycled, it has been shown there is still a marked amount of risk for bacteria to be transmitted as girls are known for holding rubber bands in their mouth as they use both hands to gather their hair into their ponytail," InventorSpot said. "Even if they set the band on a bathroom counter while putting hair into place, nail biting or any other oral contact to the skin touching the bands can cause infection ranging from genital warts to the HIV virus."

Condoms worn for reasons other than birth control SHOULD NOT BE A TREND.