Facebook Meme Is All About Tagging Photos With Insults or Whimsey

 - Mar 10, 2009   Updated: Jun 8 2011
References: urlesque
The latest hot Facebook meme is to tag friends in Facebook photos and suggest their personality type. There are over twenty different copycats of the original meme. Now you can insult, erm, tag your friends as The Pimp, the Church Girl, Herpes #####, the Neat Freak, Devil Child, among other things.

Styles range from cartoon characters to Simpsonesque personalities to Vamp girls and more.

Implications - Interactive Internet memes are a pervasive form of temporary pop culture discussion, but serve as an opportunity for companies and brands across the globe. If a company or brand can capitalize on an Internet meme with a timely or clever advertisement and can instantly become a part of the pop culture discourse, this will translate into a short burst of intense consumer focus.