Bodies Butchered, Contorted & Given the 'Twilight' Treatment

Incredibly clumsy Photoshop manipulations and lazy mistakes on the part of fashion magazines and print ads generated by advertising agencies get their rightful share of contemptuous derision. On the other hand, they are so much fun to look at!
Just take a look at the hilarious image of Beyonce in the gallery. In what is supposed to be a print ad for Evian water, the pop diva was butchered so ignominiously that I'm convinced that whoever is responsible must be doing some serious hard time somewhere.

The second image showcases socialite Kim Kardashian and her football star beau Reggie Bush in an April 2009 GQ spread that was featured at What many of us failed to notice at the time that the post was published is that Reggie Bush is a vampire; therefore, his reflection cannot be seen in mirrors.    

The rest of the images focus on similar idiotic and careless Photoshop editing that is at best laughable and at worst hysterical.