8 Scary Fish in the Sea

 - Sep 9, 2008
References: odditycentral
This gallery of scary fish is enough to turn any ocean lover into a landlubber. These bizarre sea creatures are all real and still in existence -- information that gives me some serious qualms about wading into any body of water that’s not crystal clear and chlorinated.

Here are the ugly fish, in order:

1. Goliath Tigerfish

2. Frilled Shark

3. Blob Fish

4-5. Wolf Fish

6. Rat-Tails or Grenadiers

7-8. Lamprey

9. Basking Shark

10. Goblin Shark

If you’re feeling especially intrigued by these extremely ugly fish, watch the video for more. The music’s intense, though, so turn your speakers down if you’re at work.