Tribal Body Armor Emerges as Brand New Mod

 - May 27, 2009   Updated: Jun 27 2011
References: & bodyartezine
Whoa, this tribal body armor is absolutely amazing. Body modification is fast becoming a powerhouse movement for artistic self-expression, and these awesome machined metal tattoo enhancements raise the bar to an enchanting extreme.

These stunning tattoo enhancements were accomplished by attaching sculpted metal forms to the skin via body piercings. As body modifications go, tribal body armor is both shocking and totally fabulous at the same time.

Implications - Self-expression continues to be an area of public intrigue as many people find themselves longing to stand out from a mass of similar styles. Tattoos and piercings are two areas where many consumers indulge in self-expression, and thus hybrid designs that combine these two consumer fixations are surefire successes.