From Pinheads to Princesses These Looks are Sharp

 - Apr 27, 2012
These poignant piercings show just how far some people will go in order to achieve an edgy look. For the more plain of heart, such styles may be a little much, but for those looking to push the envelope, a little body modification can go a long way.

Piercings have been around since humans first learned how to sharpen stones well enough that they could apply their blades to themselves. Even for some of the more intrepid people featured here however, such techniques may be a little too rudimentary. Modern methods and aesthetics have come a long way since the stone age.

Piercing one’s ears is a commonplace feature of mainstream fashion. Piercing one’s nose is a little adventurous, but still widespread. Piercing anything that can be pierced, though not everyone’s cup of tea, is noteworthy. From deliberately gruesome implants to delicately dainty earrings, there is a look for most tastes in the examples featured here.