Playful Piercing For Beautiful Temporary Body Modifications

 - Apr 29, 2009
References: bmezine
Play piercing is a temporary type of body modification done for the sheer heck of it, normally with hypodermic needles.

I have posted a LOT of crazy things in my time, and this has got to be the most extreme. As you can see from the gallery, play piercing looks amazing.

Incredible patterns are made on the skin with these needles and can involve ALL parts of the body. The result of play sessions can look beautiful and dark. You can even take it to the extreme and include feathers to turn yourself into a real angel, or make yourself into a vase as also shown.

Said to have mind expanding effects, much like tattoos, people take part in play piercing for all sorts of reasons. Since it’s temporary, who knows, I may even be tempted to try it myself after all you can even buy your own kit at places like this.