From Tightlacing Editorials to Tousled Retro Styles

 - Nov 9, 2011
Fashion never stops at just plain aesthetics, but glorifies every form of fierce feminine fashion that puts the wild woman on the cover of glossy pages, and these devilish corset designs are doing the rounds.

Corsets may be an undergarment that is hidden beneath layers of clothing, and meant to shape a kiss-blown figure, but if killer corsets are on the loose then it may no longer be a hidden garment. Corsets are creating a new sense of swagger fashion, as it inspires sassy swimwear, and flashy red carpet gowns too. From military-inspired corsets to cut-out and cropped corsets, the list just keeps getting longer and more lavish.

The criss-cross corsets have also inspired other fashion pieces like jeans, platforms and trench coats. These devilish corset designs demonstrate that these items are no longer a thing of the past.