Holly Jolly Bodymods and Stretched Ears

 - Dec 26, 2008
References: piercing & wildcat.de
When I was a little boy, I questioned how only one Santa could exist. I asked myself, "How can it be that he is able to visit everyone around the world on the same night?"

Now I am wiser and have learned that a few Santa Clauses must be on the road at Christmas, both to reach various locations and to cater to different personality types. I think many groups have their own Santa Clauses; there are some for the fashionable, some for the practical, for the geeks and nerds, and as I've now discovered, there are Santas for bodymod freaks.

I have evidence: I saw a pierced Santa Claus yesterday! Through his stretched lobes, I saw his beautiful reindeer and took a picture of them. I also made out some Christmas piercings in his hands, I swear. I want to share this unbelievable experience with you and I wish you merry x-mas, hope you like it!!