From Lip Chain Piercings to Pierced Kittens

 - Mar 20, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
I never want to get a piercing after checking out all these painful piercings. These are some extreme body mods. Extreme isn't a word I use lightly.

Implications - The rise of the piercing industry has coincided with changes in societal norms that have made these body modifications culturally acceptable in the Western world. While some are considered less deviant than others, the options for facial and body piercings are seemingly endless and reflect a wide variety of personal tastes.

Seriously--a see-through mouth piercing? A pierced hand? Pierced belly buttons, nipples, ears, lips, eyebrows, and the nether regions of a woman I can handle, but these painful piercings take the cake. See for yourself just how epic piercings can be.