From Deglammed Famous Figures to Gender-Bending Beefcakes

 - Aug 15, 2011
There's something special about Terry Richardson photoshoots that makes them stand out among the rest -- a combination of gritty honesty and glamorous fantasy that creates unforgettable depictions of public figures and real-life subjects.

Known for his ability to capture celebrities at their most vulnerable, and in wickedly hilarious candid moments, Richardson made a name for himself in the underground scene and has now become a household name. His memorable Vice magazine shoots are what first caught my eye, but I'd have to say that his work with Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga are my all-time favorite shoots. Richardson has proved himself as one of the greatest modern American photographers, with his work featured in everything from Harper's Bazaar to Penthouse Magazine.

If you're looking for inspiration, or just a break from the mundane, check out these eccentric and incredible Terry Richardson photoshoots.