Terry Richardson Helps Vogue Test their Vision for July 2009

 - Jun 15, 2009   Updated: Apr 5 2011
References: vogue & pipeline.refinery29
For Vogue’s July 2009 edition, photographer Terry Richardson took model Lily Donaldson to the eye doctor.

The Vogue shoot features Lily Donaldson testing her vision, receiving eye drops, and leaving the optometrist's office wearing big sunglasses. The shoot is a great take on a pretty mundane task, upping it to a high fashion, colorful activity.

Implications - Medicine-inspired fashion editorials are instantly edgy and avant-garde, as they tread on territory that is unconventional for that industry. The fashion industry is based on the concept of real life, magnified. Thus, photographers and designers alike turn to daily occurrences that are familiar to the consumer for inspiration, while adding the element of fantasy that makes fashion fun.