The Renowned Agency's Work from Personal Jail Ads to Fictional Wordvertising

 - Apr 13, 2011
TBWA is a world-renowned agency founded in France in 1970. The agency was comprised by four creative visionaries: William G. Tragos, Claude Bonnange, Uli Wiesendanger and Paolo Ajroldi. The four of them had different backgrounds and different upbringings, but shared the goal to be one of the world's top advertising agencies.

TBWA has the same vision after over 40 years of work, with branches and agencies worldwide that produce some stellar and captivating work. Their famous 'Get a Mac' campaign and others have become pop culture phenomenons and have put brands into the spotlight they deserve.

These selection of TBWA ads will definitely whet your palette if you appreciate great advertising, including campaigns like Grotesque Gizzard Ads and Interactive Touching Commercials to intrigue you.