"Like it Lean" Tasteless Ads

 - Jun 17, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
The tag line for this ad is, “Taste for a healthy lifestyle." Perhaps the tag line should be, “Taste for a bad campaign.”

It is just in bad taste to portray the animals you are promoting people to eat as lovable characters hitting the gym to be lean enough for you to eat/

To make things worse, the campaign is not by an amateur or a student, it is by TBWA, a seasoned ad agency.

The print ads promote Like It Lean's Chicken, Beef, and Ham meals by depicting the animals' healthy life style. We see cows in a yoga class, pigs on cycling machines, and a chicken doing aerobics.

PETA will have a field day with these: That is not to say vegetarians do not have their fair share of stupid ads. See blow!