19 Bovine Innovations To Celebrate The Year Of The Ox

 - Jan 2, 2009
Cowabunga! According to the Chinese calendar, 2009 is the Year of the Ox. The beast symbolizes strength, fortitude and hard work—hence the term ‘bullheadedness.’ Taking liberties and including all things bovine, this cluster presents the best Ox or cow-inspired innovations from Trend Hunter.

I have to say my favourite shows how cows are artists in their own farmy realm—the bovine created salt lick sculptures are something to behold. Then there’s the ‘udderly cute’ milk pitcher which holds your dairy in an udder-shaped glass vessel. Cow milking robots, flatulent paper sculptures and a life-sized Holstein cake check them all out.

The Chinese New Year officially rolls in on January 26, 2009 so make sure you get out everything ‘moo’ for the celebration!