- Sep 30, 2018
The September 2018 eco trends push towards an ecologically-friendly space that has appealing sustainable components. Products and services draw in ethical resources, explore with biodegradable materials, and make matters appealing to a larger audience through fun projects or collaborations.

Diageo is a brand that delves into the ecological space with its edible straws, reducing the use of harmful plastic straws. The edible straws are flavored as well, allowing them to be used with premixed cocktails developed by the label. Sportswear giant Reebok also plays a role in sustainability with the launch of its NPC UK Cotton sneakers. The footwear's uppers are constructed from castor bean oil and 100% cotton, its insoles are completely made from recycled packing, and its soles are constructed from corn-based products. This move re-imagines the sportswear brand's classic product offering with biodegradable elements that are friendly to the environment.

From Falvored Edible Straws to Sustainable Corn-Based Sneakers: