Panda Sunglasses are Eco-Friendly and Socially Impactful

 - Aug 29, 2018
References: wearpanda & wearpanda
Focused on delivering an ecologically sustainable product, Panda Sunglasses offer contemporary aesthetics to individuals who aspire to be more globally-conscious consumers. Built on the concept of "fashion with a purpose," Panda Sunglasses are focused almost entirely on sustainability and utilize bamboo as a medium for construction. The use of bamboo allows the sunglasses to be produced in a way that leaves a smaller ecological footprint and is generally kinder to the environment.

Panda Sunglasses also offer a social impact as they are proudly partnered alongside Optometry Giving Sight. This non-profit is committed to "bringing eye exams, prescription glasses, and medial training to underserved communities." This partnership allows Panda Sunglasses to work closely with Optometry Giving Sight and every pair of sunglasses purchased equates to a donation for eye exams and new glasses to someone in need.