From Punkish Earthy Ensembles to Bad Attitude Street Shoots

 - Nov 5, 2011
Nonchalance is set to take the fashion world by storm as punk fashions are popping up left and right. Funky tees, printed tops and striped trousers are back on the rise.

There have been many punk styles spotted on the streets every now and then, but fashion editorials are catching up with this style and quite soon, punk rockers' wardrobes will be a must-have for many. Biker chicks with leather jackets, funky hairstyles and spiky cut-throat heels have never been more fierce and in-fashion.

Modern punk fashions include acid-washed and weathered jeans, pink-dyed hair and piercings. Be aware, oh fans of minimalism and the pretty, primped 50s housewife look: punk fashions are here to stay.