From Shannen Doherty to Shoulder Pads

 - Aug 29, 2008
Shannen Doherty's career revival got me thinking about some of the other pop culture sensations making a comeback, from celebrities and fashion to electronics.

One of my favourite revivals has to be the retro beehive hairstyle -- we can thank Amy Winehouse and Karl Lagerfeld for that one! Also back on the radar are flannel shirts, retro ankle boots for men, male perms, shoulder pads, cone boobs, Dr Martens and the heroin chic look. The retro gadget revival cluster (worth checking out) is really neat to; it includes the return of record players and brick cellphones.

In terms of media, apart from Shannen Doherty reviving the 90s TV show, 90210, the cast of Friends could be reuniting for the big screen too, Sex and the City style.