Can Prada Revive the 90s?

 - Mar 27, 2008
References: prada & fashionista
Backpacks are either practical and geared toward students or hikers, or they're considered cutsie, designed for kids and preteens.

Prada wants to change that with the re-introduction of the micro backpack as a fashion statement.

The Prada backpack, which is shaped like a bunny and comes with attached mini clone, is made of quilt-like patches of fabric. Made from recycled dresses from the Resort collection, perhaps? Putting an eco-friendly spin on item like this may be the only way to hook buyers.

In Asia, they're considered a stylish purse alternative, but in North America and Europe, backpacks haven't been hip since the 80s and 90s.

Now that one of Europe's most worshiped fashion houses has launched a "backpurse', will fast fashion start knocking them off and relaunch the accessory as a mainstream must-have?

Prada's no stranger to bizarre fashion, but they're not always able to infect. Have you seen men in PJs in your town yet?