From Cotton Candy Landscapes to Kaleidoscopic Lips

 - Aug 11, 2009   Updated: May 10 2011
From psychedelic portraits to Salvador Dali-esque artwork by cutting edge graphic artists, these modern surrealist designs show that our imaginations aren't ready to commit to realistic fantasies.

The modern surrealist designs featured in the cluster below include some of our most bizarre discoveries, from contorted shoetography to blue skin portraits. It looks like outrageous is the new normal.

Implications - Surreal artworks have become important sources for artists who wish to deviate from the norm. As abstract as they can be, surreal art grabs attention of viewers even if they can't fully comprehend what they're looking at. The use of vibrant images with an air of mystique is an engaging concept that businesses can employ in print ads as a way to draw in consumers who are curious about what's being sold.